Saturday, 19 July 2008

the moon

although it is simply a atmosphere-less ball of compressed space dust and rock, there is something about it that gives it an air of mystery.

it floats above us, silently observing. an unlikely comfort during the night.

when the air in the upper atmospheres is cold, and rain is coming, there is a shining ring around the moon. ice particles form in the air and the sunlight that reflects off the moon, lighing it up, refracts off the ice, making the haze that shrouds the moon.

even though there is science, even though there are explanations and proof, I still look up at the moon and dare to dream.

for as human beings, we cannot yet understand the future, we do not succumb fully to the total truth of science, indeed some reject it entirely, but still we look up to the sky and wonder. we look up and dream, dream about what is, what has been and what has yet to come.

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