Sunday, 27 July 2008

This List.

Here is a paragraph of all the things i can think of that have a special meaning to me of some kind. over the course of time, i hope i will be able to explain them all to you.

Dirt. apples. canvas. cherries. summer. skis. Centre on court. Pine tree roots and storm water drains. Sheet Music. Crystal star. nightmares. the letter 'O'. 6km. running. honesty. yellow grass. Wisdom, not knowledge. Garbage bins full of water. Gutter dam. V for Vendetta. family. morality. values. computer hard drive. balloons. genetics. hay. dogs. Rosco. Naracoorte. bubbles. cannonballs. passion. Grampians. David. Monkeys. My English teacher. smiles. eyes. light refraction. australia. the girl who could leap through time. rubber ducky. Foxy. Mineshaft. ice cream. Hannah. Puddles. laughter. lucid dreams. Rain. truth. Psychology. Food. curiosity. biology. Light. White. LIFE

This list will grow as i grow. It will change.

1 comment:

  1. The girl who could leap through time... it's an anime right? It was awesome.