Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I Miss

I miss the old times.
When it was summer.
So hot that there was little to do but lay in the cool green grass and stare at the sky.
We would laugh and laugh over the smallest of things.
I miss those times.

I miss the times when all it took was one look into your eyes for someone to know.
Know what, exactly, i have yet to uncover that.

I have a memory that i don't even know whether its real or not. I suspect not, but it is one of the happiest things i can think of at this present time...

Its warm on my face, and too bright to keep my eyes open, so they are closed. i can see the leaves moving above me by the change in pink intensity on my eyelids. although the sun is warm, the grass is cold, and the breeze makes me shiver.
A hand slides up and down my arm in an attempt to warm me. i smile, eyes still closed. the hand laces its finger through my upturned palm. i take the hand and kiss the back of it, still not moving from my position. my head jerks up and down suddenly: the warm tummy i had been resting on laughed. i sit up as he does and smile at him: his presence here feels so natural, so normal, that it makes the experience all the more special.
His face is lit by the sunlight filtering through the trees, lighting up his eyes, making him all the more amazing.
He leans into me and i to him. our lips touch, remembering one another. then we lay down again on the grass, content and happy.

i miss these times.
let summer come again, and with it light, happiness and a feeling of such content, i could melt into the sunlight.

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