Sunday, 13 July 2008

My State of Calm

It's still, the only movement is the gentle flowing of blue and orange around me. the world feels like a flat expanse that goes on forever. beyond the blue and orange, there is only white. Its like a veil I cant see beyond, its so absolute in its existence.
There is nothing else around. just me and the blue and orange waves of colour surrounding me. They're not threatening, they can't hurt me - there's no body to hurt. I exist, but there is no physical proof of that. I can see, but I have no eyes. I must have a consciousness - I know I exist. I know I can't move. I just stay stationary as more rippling shapes fade into view. green and purple. red and yellow. pink and orange.
They're all stretched in rows, waving and twisting, all pointing on the same direction, then they move towards me, enveloping me in bright colour. I am warm and content - the colours slowly swirling around me are relaxing me into a state of calm where I close my eyes and the white fades into dark and I rest, knowing that when I open my eyes again, I will be with the ribbons of colour once again.

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