Thursday, 3 July 2008

I have a friend

I have a friend.

This doesn't surprise most people, but it is surprising to me that such a close bond may be formed while enduring the ups and downs of senior high school. Tests, exams and the constant stream of irritations during class leave me one hell of a cow sometimes. The fact that he just takes my moods in his stride and adapts to it amazes me.

I don't know why we are such good friends - he loves music, manga and his cat panda, while i love to paint, write and study the mind. i'm also NOT a cat-person (with the exception of a beautiful big ginger cat called Rosco).

The fact that we befriended each other in the midst of a mass rubbish-pick-up is the most likely indicator that this was not going to be an ordinary friendship. Well, not by my other friendship's standards, anyway.
We've done the motions of flirtation, but friendship is more fun - theres no danger of hurting his feelings with the fact that im a natural flirt.

His wicked and quirky sense of humour often has me in stitches and yet he can being me back down to earth gently when my strings are cut and i float too high.

I am envious of the way in which he is able to accept things and adapt to them without too much comment, and how, until i demanded that he stopped, he would open the door for me (he still waits for me to enter before he does, despite persistent vocal opposition).

I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find that person among their own lives. They are never in the obvious places - i have known him for 6 years, but until 3 years ago i never bothered to get to know him.

In short, i am so lucky to have him as my best friend, and when i grow up i want to be as kind, gentle, strong and loyal as he is.

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