Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Remember The Cliché

Remember the time when nothing mattered?
You did what you wanted, and it was okay?
Do you remember the time when it was warm, never cold.
Do you remember the cold?
You had no dignity once,
Born as animals are,
Conditioned to be human.
You would take your clothes off in the middle of winter,
And run around the courtyard with your clothes off.
You were small enough that you needed all four limbs
To clamber over a small garden divider.
You grew, you learned that daddy knew everything,
That all he knew came from the shabby green book on the top shelf.
You went to school, learned to read, write, and count.
You learnt to fight with people not of family,
You developed friendships,
Played games,
Laughed and had fun.
You were called the fat kid,
Or the one that was used as a joke.
You were the fighter, and the first to leave.
You were the kid who couldn’t use long division
But was nice to the younger kids.
You were the one that was always at the side bench, painting
And danced to Avril Lavigne.
You wrote your way into a scholarship
And were the pride of your parents.
You sat, enthralled, as dad told tales of his policeman days
And kissed your first boy at the age of thirteen.
You learnt rejection, and insecurity.
That what others thought, mattered.
You learned to run, faster than you ever have before.
You won medals for speed and leadership
Praise for your writings.
You hit top ten, entered a new stage of life,
Grew up, broke up.
You experienced first-ever exams,
And horror of failing dreams.
Your feelings hardened, developed armour
The pressure on you grew,
'The most important year of your life'
The stress builds, is dissipated by laughs.
You grow up, again.
You realise you are still growing, and don't take 'Shorty' as a name.
It is not so much about physically growing and developing now,
It is about growing and learning emotionally,
About becoming who you are supposed to be.
So remember the cliché,
For that is where you came from,
When life was carefree and happy,
And you will reach there again.
40 minutes

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