Friday, 17 July 2009

Giggle Me Timbers

It’s refreshing to have an afternoon to one’s self, free of stress or anxiety of any kind. In fact, I will admit I had to have a very clichéd moment in the middle of my lounge room wearing half the clothes I was wearing when I got home. Although having said that before you go thinking I was in my undies - I wasn't: I did the marvellously clever thing of wearing thermal thingies to my exam today to keep my tush warm since yesterdays was spend freezing it off.
so, sure enough, all I needed was the power music to complete the moment of me standing there, feet planted strongly apart, hands raised to the sky, elbows locked, with that rather alarming victory cry coming from my lips.
Though I cut that last part short because I know that the neighbours several doors down can hear noise if its loud enough, and I may have sounded like I was being assaulted in some way.
still, I was bouncing around the house singing for a good 10 minutes before settling down to catch up on Ghost Whisperer and Grey's, both of which have now finished, leafing me at a loss for what I’m going to watch and wondering if TV shows are only aired 1 season/year?
So, 3 hours of TV later, my art book is well on its way and I am actually feeling like I have no more exams even though I still have three to go.
The fact that some people only have two or three exams deeply irritates me, probably because I have five and they love to remind me that they have less than me.
But even despite this, that's life, if you can’t change it, you deal with it, don’t complain, so this is what I shall (not?) do.
But whatever, I’m too bouncy and relaxed to worry about much at the moment. Life is looking like spring soon, and everything is green and the rain is gorgeous especially when the sun shines too.
Life is good and I’m okay.
25 minutes

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