Wednesday, 15 July 2009

one more day, again, defence.

The count-down has arrived at one day.
I don't even know why I'm stressing about these so much - they're not finals, after all. I think it’s because for several subjects, as I read through past exam papers, I realise that I can only answer, to some effectiveness, about 3/4 of the paper, if that, causing a major freak out, especially for legal studies, where everything is new and there is so much information to retain that’s it falls out my ear if I lay my head down flat.




I don't want to write about woe is me for the fact that I no longer have a boyfriend, I deal with this in my own mind since a little voice in my head is telling me that if I write about it on here, someone will write many a nasty thing about how I don’t deserve happiness because I’m such a horrible bitch, or something along those lines, which is totally not true.
But having said that, it IS draining, to deal with this heightened emotion and cause sleep-deprivation right when I need LOTS of sleep.
But I know I’m better off without him, so it’s like a bittersweet ending.

It’s poured outside recently, non-stop for a multitude of days, as those that live here are well aware. I got to regress to my pre-teen years and unblock a drain outside yesterday. Sounds horrid, doesn't it. Actually, it was therapeutic- there’s nothing more relaxing than being able to physically see the effects of an otherwise mundane job, such as vacuuming.

I’m trying to make this post as long as I can so that I don't have to go and sit back down at the dining table with my legal exam papers and freak out about how much I don't know, which would undoubtedly be helped by me actually doing that very thing. Ugh. Too much logic and stupidity in one thing.


random mention of something that irritates me to no end, and I have complained about it before, so I apologise to those that are thinking 'ugh, not again'.
I don't live in the mountains; I don't live hours from the city. I don't even live 30 mins from the city! The temperature change is about 5 degrees because of elevation vs. the Adelaide plains. I live 27km from the inner city.
And yet, I constantly get mentions about how dreadfully far away I live and how cold it must get 'up here' and how inconvenient it is having to go to town to go to school and go out at night.
news flash: I’ve been dealing with that since I was nine years old, it’s nothing new and it sure as hell isn’t for the people that mention it, and yet, it’s as though it’s a little needle to put in my side every time I talk to them. Thank you ever so for that. Just what I need: to have a stupid insult hurled discreetly at me every day' wooo, fun.
I happen to love where I live and although the bus route sucks, its life, I deal with it and I hate, absolutely hate, hearing other people lament about it. that’s my job, not theirs, and if I were to get really into this, it would be easier to say that my home is on a piece of land 3 times bigger than most people in the city, and that the wonderful produce the central market is famous for, is better and cheaper and from the same grower, at my local greengrocer. Not to mention I have cooler nights in the middle of summer as opposed to the plains where it stays above 30 24/7 sometimes.
So suck on that, mine wins.
30 mins


  1. Good work Pookie, good to see that you know how to use a comment button and keyboard. Haha
    Talk later xx