Sunday, 26 July 2009

Formation of changes

(if you are unsure about the references, please read The Room and Outside before reading this)

The room returns as she opens her eyes. However, this time, she is alone, and the furniture has changed. It is the same room as last time, but the air is different about it. It is no longer distraught, stressed. It is calm, quiet, and there are clean linen curtains hanging either side of the windowless windows. The tattered remains are nowhere to be seen, and neither is the dark mahogany table, nor that rose. She notices there are shoes on her feet this time, and her skin is not dirty. She is clean. She can see the view through the windows, the grassy meadows are still there, but they change into a wetland not far from the Room. None of what she can see is threatening, and she can hear the birds and frogs from the wetland.
The rickety old door opens and there he is. In her mind, it is as though someone just let off a firecracker, exploding light and joy through her entire being.
However, he is only half-there: a translucent image of the person that she sees in her mind so often. Then, he is gone, leaving nothing but an open door and a warm breeze.
The scent of jasmine wafts into the room, mixed with moss and the smell of decaying wood. It is this last smell that has her on her guard. She knows who stands beyond the doorway, she knows that She will enter eventually, and it will take all her strength to keep Her at bay. Sure enough, Jasmine slinks into the room, and the light outside changes, darkens. Annabell joins her, her dress now a violent red hue. Jasmine absorbs dark colours, the purples and midnight blues, and black. She is the most alluring of the three, with straight black hair and lips painted purple. Her skin is whiter than the linen curtains and her dress is torn in all the right places to imply her seductive power. She is the most dangerous, and she knows it.
The girl looks between the two, planting her feet, stubborn as always: she knows why they are here and she believes they are wasting their time with warnings and ultimatums.
'You know what happened last time,' Annabell hisses, the venom in her words stinging the girl like hot needles.
'And you know that this won't work,' Jasmine adds in a whispery voice that would be comical to the outsider when compared with the body that possesses it, ‘you will only ruin what you have, what makes this room so calm and .... clean.... and then you will be lonely and hurt and living under my power, not your own anymore.'
she grins at this last point; looking as though she is baring sharp fangs rather than smiling- it's been a long time since jasmine was the strongest of the trio, and she misses it, hates being kept in a glass bottle, always pounding at the thick glass to get out.
20 minutes.
There is a change in the air surrounding them, electricity standing their hair upright. Jasmine blinks, the malicious grin disappearing within an instant as the sky outside morphs from blue to black, grey clouds rolling around slowly, lugging with them the threat of a thunderstorm. Annabell's eyes widen in panic briefly, spinning to look out the window. She jumps as the crack of static electricity and yelps in pain and anger as it zaps the tips of her fingers. They whirl around to face the girl again, whose dress is billowing about her. A foot shorter than Annabell, she makes an imposing figure with her steady, calm stance, unphased by the unusual meteorological phenomenon. Annabell's eyes widen further as small sparks jump off the girl, hitting anything within two feet of her body. Jasmines eyes, on the other hand, narrow at this sight. She stares at the girl as the arcs of electricity lengthen, 'so, it seems that the baby is finally growing up'.
'Oh, you have no idea.' the girl scowls, calling over the wind, 'I know what you are. And I know that it is MY fear, or anger, that creates your power. You have no power over me anymore. I know what I want and I know where I stand. You are lost beyond belief. Now return him to me- let me have my peace. If I fall, I fall. But I will be falling from euphoria. And it is that which I will risk it for. Leave me be. Let me live or so help me god I will use this on you'.

Jasmine screams, and the girl drops to the floor clutching her ears. Annabell laughs at her pain and begins advancing toward her. She stops when the air around the girl crackles and a burst of energy hits her, sending her flying across the room to the wall by the door. Jasmine, ever smarter, takes no action other than to move swiftly from the room, Annabell scrambling up and out behind her. The door slams and the girl grins - the door is now rounded at the top, and blue with a bronze handle. The clouds recede and the sun returns to the land outside the room.
There is a knock at the door, and a muffled voice demanding to be let in. the girl grins: the others kept their word. She unlocks the door and flies into his arms, knocking him backward with the unexpectedness of her movement. He laughs and tells her to calm down, patting her on
the head gently until she loosens her grip on his torso. She grins up at him and kisses his chest, laughing when he jumps from the accidental electric shock she just gave him. Taking him by the hand, she shows him inside, in doing so, the entire room changes before their eyes into a colourful living room and kitchen. 'This place has spent a long time trying to become a real home. I think you just showed it how.'
1 hour 20 minutes

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