Saturday, 11 July 2009


A too-long comment for the post 'Finally Stating the Truth' .....

The comment was: "
dpanayotopoulos said...

It's extremely hippocritical of you to state that others are self absorbed, when you have just written a whole page about yourself. Really, if you have something to say about someone, you should discuss it with them face to face, and not cower behind a computer screen and voice your opinions. Highly cowardice and hipporitical. But what else would we expect... "

My Response:

Well, Dimitri, I am very sorry that I have to point out a few hard truths to you, but I shall for both our benefit:

1. This is a web-log website, mine, in fact. Therefore, as long as it doesn't breach any laws, such as defamation, which I am always careful to do, I am free to write about what I wish.
Sometimes I write about life, sometimes school, sometimes myself. This is a place of self-discovery, which as lame as it sounds, is the honest truth. This is a diary - I don't have the patience to hand-write things - its faster and neater to type- and as such, I write as I think which may be good or bad, depending the day's events etc (see the Disclosure in the side bar).

2. I fear that you have taken this post and analysed it rather thoroughly for the past three weeks, or it has taken you that long to set up an account. on this particular thing, i actually need to say thank you for actually setting one up so that i know its you rather than an anonymous assault on my eyes.

3. This is possibly the most important point on here, and ironically, I am certain it is the one you will like the least. A note on a simple observation, if I may...
First of all, I did say it to your face, which is why you got all bitchy and vindictive in the first place. On that same line of thought, you have not once since the original post, a few weeks ago, spoken to me about anything whatsoever - which, by my reasoning, and yours, actually makes you the hypocrite since as you and others have pointed out, you are very upset that I didnt voice my opinion to you, even though I did, but you are happy to cry foul to everyone but me because I told you off. But hey, whatever.

After this, I will not be responding to any form of comment you try towards me, since this whole thing is not monumental, more of a non-event, and I'm tired of dealing with your crap. You live your way, and I'll live mine, but I ask you politely not to expect sympathy from me if you are going to change a story to get that very thing.

Oh, and to Meg, I am not going to lose all my friends over this petty thing, merely those that arent really my friends and havent been for a few years now, so please think about that before you make another dramatic comment.


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  2. When did I tell you that you were going to lose your friends?

  3. you didnt, you said it to those in the free-room when i wasnt there

  4. No I never said anything like that