Thursday, 25 June 2009

Finally Stating the Truth

I am not entirely sure why having a dig at someone makes me feel so good.
Possibly it's because i still have that mean bully bone in my body that I prefer to ignore unless absolutely necessary (as on the sports field). Possibly because I've been waiting to do that for over two years. And DAMN it felt good to, just this once, be able to totally speak my mind and to have the recipient hear it. And, it is more than likely that said recipient will send mean nasty comments onto my beloved blog like he did last time, though that was for no reason whatsoever.

Fact is, I'm beyond caring.

Liken me, at this time, to a helium balloon that's just had it's strings cut, floating high above it all, in just the clean, cold air. Mmm, you can practically smell the freedom.

I actually think that this may be a more common theme from now on. No, not emphatically scolding someone without losing my temper.
I mean speaking the honest truth when it is called for, rather than choosing to stay silent. This is because I genuinely believe that there are those around me that are hypocritical in their approach towards others, and there are less and less people that really care about the way they treat others in their scramble for the top of the pile. It's a sad fact that these things come back to bite one in the arse. It is on this rather crude principle that karma is based. Or vice-versa. I guess one way to think about it is that pointing these out now is trying to prevent serious downfall later on.

Unlikely, but could happen - we've seen enough movies to tell us that if it is movie worthy, it must happen to some degree in reality.

and, indeed, i suspect that this incident will bite me on the arse, but i trult, truly, hope that he, and other 'friends' like him, ala the one that this whole thing was over, plus another three or so that are constantly 'borrowing' assignments, will take a good hard look at the way that they present themselves to the world and how they treat others.

I say this because, let's face it, nobody likes to spend time with people that are too self absorbed and self centred to realise that people don't like them for the very same thing...

...Oh, and I just have an intense dislike for people that simply must make a deal about their status.
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