Thursday, 18 June 2009


The sheer state of conversation is slipping, I fear.
And the tide of hypocrisy is rising.
Sadly, I find it doubly entertaining and frustrating hearing people complain and or *cough* bitch about people doing some things when I am fully aware (and I hope they are too) that they are not too far from that same actuality.
However, of course, to point this out would have more or less said 'you hypocritical lying bitches'
and that is just so totally unsocial.
I guess it only reinforces the idea that people need to be mindful of their own things and no one else’s. Heaven knows it would make life easier. So much less political back stabbing etc.
Ah well, this is life. Only thing I can do about it is to stay clear of said homework/assignment/test cheats.

Speaking of test cheats...
this has long been a bone of contention with yours truly. It irritates me to no end that people resort to copying other people's work to boost their own marks. I think it is disgusting.
And so impractical! What if the copied answer is wrong? And then, if you're caught you are really in the shitter. Well, here, anyway.
I think it is somewhat sad. because I see two kinds of people that do this despicable behaviour: those that are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed, or have a form of learning difficulty making it harder to keep up with those that are lucky enough to have a properly functioning set of genes.

Ooh, yes, that's right, I said it.

the other type, are (in a ridiculous twist of irony) extremely capable students so fixated on beating everyone else and sitting in their own smugness and glory, that they freak out if it is possible that they will have some competition for this top spot.

However, I leave you with this small note that sums up the air of competition at school...

the success of an overachiever is kind of like a fart: invisible, but everyone knows it is there, and no one but the creator wants to put up with the side effects.

Peace out xx
Olivia K P
30 minutes

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