Friday, 26 June 2009

willpower vs genes

an intriguing thought besets my mind today.
as we dive into the realm for sci-fi and fantasy for this particular theory, please, hear me out...

it seems that i have the power to make things happen if i will it hard enough.
sure, some people say that that's just a product of working hard to achieve htese things, however, as many people are well aware, as much as you will yourself to get taller, or havve bigger body parts (or smaller, in some cases) it is unlikely to happen.
i often say that i got the dud end of the genes with the physical side of things, lord knows my sister is the more beautiful of the two and would be, if pushed mentally to want to achieve more, the smarter of the two. but hey, that's life. and thoguht i have wished so so hard to be taller, my growth is minimal these days, or so i thought.
and so, with things such as physical aspects which supposedly one cannot will to change, i have.
as has happened with a great many other things. it's creepy how i'll think aobut something and then within the next few days it's happening. thoguh for the bigger things it takes longer.
i know i sound like i have a big head in saying this, but i realise that i'm relaly lucky to have this happen, and i'm truly thankful for it.
as is He XD.

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