Wednesday, 24 June 2009


i think i make a pretty good patriot. i'm not overly protective or stupid about it, but i also seem to get really defensive whenever one of my foreign friends makes a comment about australia being a prison.
i think its justified, after all, as i frequently remind the americans, SA was not settled by convicts, and i'm only part aus-heratige anyways (kiwi pride).
but, there's somethign about being degraded by a total stranger that makes me wanna bounce around like Tas Devil.
nothing wrong with that, is there?

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  1. I think Aussies have a special kind of patriotism. It's not like the revolting obssessive and compulsory patriotism of America, which is a good thing. There is pride in being an Australian, especially when it comes to sport. I too am patriotic, but I seem to be more passive than you are. I may feel angry about negative comments made, but I don't remember ever taking serious action against said voicer. Although, I will tell anyone who listens that the Sydney Olympics have been the best so far!