Sunday, 14 June 2009

the effect of questioning what never was.

i watched stp2 again. and, once again, tibby affects me. i'm not sure why she's my favourite person. maybe because i think that she's the most beautiful one of the four, or that her experiences sometimes mirror my own. or that theres something about her that instantly draws me to her. i'm fairly certain that in real life, i would dislike her if i met her, her cynical outlook grates against my predominantly optiomistic one. but there is just... something.....
i dont know.

sometimes i wonder what would have happened if something had actually come to fruit.
where would i be? who would i be with? how would my life's outlook have changed?
who would they be? how would we live?
i dont know.
this ... instinct.... is so strong with me, i can barely comprehend it. all i know is that i was born to do that. not now, but later.

no, not now. but later.

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