Monday, 8 June 2009

This Week's LONG Post - though more entertaining than previous ones.

Well, there have been many a post recently on how school and the year is flying away from us and despite this, we must do everything we can to procrastinate.
Which is what I'm doing now. I'm not even really totally sure WHAT I could be doing other than this, but I'm sure it’s much more important.
maths? I have a test on Thursday. Only one of the week.
Biology? No, did too much yesterday to want to look at my biology books considering I'm up to date and spend most lessons trying not to fall asleep since all we do is check homework.
Art? No, done too much of my essay, again, and since my tree is at school there's none of that.
Legal? Oh no, it never ends! I guess there is this, considering there is 20 questions waiting for me to answer (haha, get it?)
Sorry, lame joke.
House arrest is doing this to me I swear.
Well, I can tell you this - by the end of it, I’ll certainly have a much cleaner room and be more in touch with my books.
It’s a quite nice thought, actually, being able to sit there on my bed, out of touch with everything not in the room.
Sad thing is that I think someone's installed an air conditioner in my room and set it to 'arctic circle in winter', and I need four layers of clothes to be warm in there.
It’ll be so nice when, at the end of the year, I can sit in the middle of my room with every single piece of paper I own spread around me, and I can go through it and...


(was that too overzealous?)

Seriously, though, it’s mostly school things that litter my room and make it horribly messy. Well, that and clothes, but they’re easier to put away because they have a place to live that never changes. (Apart from the odd sock or pair of underwear I find hiding under my pants, three drawers below their own, or a pom-pom-abundant, knitted beanie in my PJ drawer - possibly left there from last winter and the freezing nights I’ve had to endure - damn hills)

I think I need another spring clean, despite it being winter. I can't wait 3 months! I’ll be swimming in shredded paper, bus tickets and things Gus brings into my room to hide (that makes two of us... my problem is that I don’t have the nose to find them once I’ve hidden them, and then they turn up once every three years during my massive clean-outs)

I’m in a strange place at the moment. Yes, my dining room is looking terrifyingly like it's going to break under all my crap that’s spread all over it. In addition, yes, it's getting colder and my parents have FINALLY mutinied against me, put their foot down, and grounded me for pretty well the rest of the year. But we'll see what happens...
because I’m strangely content with the way that things are. I should probably be depressed or angry, except that annoying little voice in my head that most people call logic is telling me that I had it coming, and I know it's true. So, I’m not upset, because I can function without going out. I’d probably die if I didn't have access to my beloved blog that I take care of better than I do everything else (almost).
I’m not that upset about not being able to see Him on the weekends because, as another little voice, logic's cousin, aptly named cynicism, notes that I’ll be able to see Him at school 5 days of the week anyway, which defeats the purpose of the ban. This means no fooling around, but whatever. That’s not hard to achieve.

I think I’m going to delete msn from my computer.
However, I don't think that I actually will, because that's my only link to Brian and Pete and Sean.
Wow, that makes me sound a little bit like... well... loose. If taken the wrong way.

Stream of consciousness much?
Well, my art drawing is dry after covering the ink with water to see what happened, which was this...

However, it has now been 40 minutes since I began writing, and have managed to upload all my photos as well ^^ so, in lieu of this I’m actually going to begin writing things that will have some standing in regard to this whole inconvenience that is school.
If I don't post sometime soon, send the coastguard out to look for me, I may have been strangled by my computer cord or stabbed with a biro that's done what I should do and rebelled due to overuse.

Peace out
1 hour


  1. Very nice drawings. :)

    Hmm, school. I'm planning on running away to the moon. :D

  2. Haha thanks :)

    Ooh, the moon you say? may I join you? I hear it's quite nice there, though a little cold....


    I believe I have shown you this before, but particularly apt to show again.

    Good luck with the procrastination - Mafia Wars helps!

  4. jimmy, my dear fellow, that exact picture is on my wall, or door... i can't remember which and i cbf checking.
    hehe great minds think alike !!