Friday, 24 July 2009

My Slice of Nostalgia

I did a very rare thing today.

It is such unbelievable beautiful weather outside today, despite it being a tad on the chilly side, so I thought I would take full advantage of this, and actually spend the afternoon outside. I think this is indeed a fair trade as I realised the other day that it had been two weeks since I had set foot in my own back yard. Now that is pathetic. The reason I did not want to move house in the first place was that we would lose the beautiful back yard we have. The block of land is about half an acre, most of which is over-grown garden.

When I was younger, after the Saturday morning cartoons were over at 9am, my parents would tell us to get dressed, put our gumboots or sneakers on, and come out to the garden with them. This, of course, translated to 'we need some cheap labour and you, dear children, are now old enough to safely use secateurs'. it was always warm in the sun, and showing us all what we were going to be doing, was often a case of 'here is three different jobs- fight amongst yourselves for the one you want, then go to the parent doing it to show you what to do'. About mid-morning, after some serious rose pruning, weeding and raking, mum would come out with a tray full of cups of tea and biscuits. Then, we would all sit on the windowsills or garden walls, eat our bikkies, and drink our tea in the sun. It was fabulous. Of course, by about lunchtime the trio had had enough of gardening and went to do other things.

But the weather was so reminiscent of those days that I’ve actually told dad that I want us to have a working bee on the garden and house to get it back to what it was when we had hired help (though this part I neglected to tell him).

So, today, I decided I would be kind to my darling Gus and do some weeding, allowing him and Rani to frolic in the wonderland that is my garden (though she was less excited at the prospect than Gus, who shot out of the gate like a firecracker).

Well, the garden is certainly looking a lot neater, and there aren't Sour Sobs all over the place. Gus got 3 hours in the garden, and I got my slice of nostalgia, so I am intensely satisfied with today. Now, to finish a foot of the scarf I am knitting and today is perfect.


Oh, in other news, turns out that I need glasses..... again.....
I’m a little long-sighted so my eye muscles work harder than most peoples to focus on things like books and computer screens etc. the ladies at the pharmacy were really jealous because the frames I got rarely suit people, and they’re French, so mum loves them. Haha.
It is a bit of sad irony though, really, that I can put on so many pairs of glasses and they look great, but clothes are a freaking nightmare.

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