Sunday, 7 September 2008


ever wanted to say something so badly you feel like you're going to explode?
i have
ever said something, then immediatley wished you hadn't?
all the time
ever said something that you know would only cause problems?

so why do i do it?
no idea whatsoever
i think i need a shrink.
Annabell: you got that bit right. go get a full mental assessment

... i shouldnt call them that seeing as im gonna become one of them. come to think of it... why are they called shrinks anyway??

ugh. why is it that i make my life so much more complicated than it needs to be? feelings ALWAYS make things more complicated....
i wont go into spesifics, and i wont answer questions about it, because its too big a deal in my own personal life to talk to almost anyone.
but in any case, i just thought i'd use this post as a time to vent my confusion.

speaking of which........
why does it take so long to realise that you never got along with people in the 1st place?
its ridiculous, the amount of time we spend, gegtting to know someone, only to realise that you're totally imcompatible as everything from lovers to friends to colleagues.

i have a LOT to say on that...... most is regrets and missed opportunities..... plus some people will be able to recognise who and or what im talking about so i'll leave that for another night.

ciao xx

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