Tuesday, 2 September 2008

lingual complication

we, as humans, complicate our lives when things get a little boring.
or maybe thats just me, im not sure.
either way, life is full of double meanings, hidden opinions and secret words.

i have no idea whatsoever....
to prove my point, i give you:
exhibit A:

girl likes boy. girl is best friends with boy. boy likes another girl. boy asks other girl out. girl gets upset and wont tell boy why.

... so noone but girl knows whats wrong.

unnecessary complication.

exhibit B:

girl is friends with boy. boy and girl went out. didnt work, but still friends. girl likes someone else. within the same week, boy acts differently towards girl. girl gets confused and worried.

again, unnecessary complication

exhibit C:

girl 1 likes girl 2, but only as a friend. girl2 misunderstands affection and freaks out, says mean things. lost friendship.

..... (dare i say it again?)

all this is is miscommunication.

why, if we are the most evolved species on earth are we so STUPID with our words?
You don't know? me either.

granted, there are things to consider when choosing the right words to say, including
  • feelings
  • context
  • etiquette
that doesn't mean that we say nothing.
okay, sometimes it is hard to say something that we know may turn out badly. sometimes it is hard to look at ourselves and find the true answers as to why we feel like we do.

a few weeks ago I had to have one of these conversations. I didn't want to, but I felt so un-me that I had to say something. he had something to say in return of a similar nature. we dealt with it, and although it was somewhat awkward at first, our friendship was strong enough to endure the jealousy and deserting-friends debate.
but it could have gone so so wrong. but, logically, if it can go so so wrong, cant it also go so so right? (newtons 3rd law: everything must have an equal and opposing reaction)

so throw back the inhibition and for goodness sakes, say what you mean!!!.... make the world a little less complicated.
from the point of view of a spectator and a sufferer, swirling words around you as a defence.... it doesn't work.


  1. haha - i had to comment on this one considering i am pretty sure "exhibit a" refers to me (i assume)

    and yeah - i totally agree with everything u sed in this blog entry :D

    just hope that the other person involved will work all this out soon enough...