Thursday, 11 September 2008


in all honesty, i dont know why im writing right now.
there are so many things going on right now that i think im going to go crazy.
maybe i am already....

i feel like im being railroaded with my year 12 subject choices.
its my future..... please, please, can't i do the subjects i want? i want to be a psychologist.... stop thinking that i dont know what i want to do. STOP IGNORING ME!

my personal life is a mess to no one but me
i dont know whats going on. i want to be with two people. thats not fair on any of us. thats impractical, illogical and irational......
then again... so is love. but this isnt love yet..... go figure. sometimes having more than one option sucks.

i found out that i am less liked than i thought originally.
thanks meg. i know it was only an off-hand comment (i think it was....) but it still hurts to know that my friend would say that of me.
and to add to it, i have the school gossip on my tail about me suggesting depression. fantastic.not. and the sad thing is that people believe him. that hurts.

stupid complication. i cant wait until next week, when i have all this crappy school work off my load.... well, some of it anyway.......

im going to japan in 9 days.

im looking foward to it, but im not. that make sense to anyone? haha me either.
i guess its the stresses of getting ready... and having to get along with everyone that id ususally not...... thats mucking my mind about.


until tomorrow........


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