Tuesday, 16 September 2008


happy happy happy.....

Haha I can't think straight from lack of oxygen, I'm floating so high.....

Forum speeches today....

Some of the usual crap - 'I did this, I am good at this, I am organised and responsible' etc, etc. fair call, but after 22 of those, it gets boring. Thankfully this time we had some people that were a little bit different....

Shannon was awesome - giant cue cards, a music soundtrack and not a single word spoken. (I voted for him just coz it was such cool idea, well ok, that and coz he's a great person...)
Justin - I've never laughed so much during a speech EVER!! you are one really funny guy when you want to be. Delivery was excellent, and the digs at said idiot chem teacher were so funny.
Then there was Henry with the Ikea analogy..... 'if Pulteney is Ikea then I am your allen key'. lol
and Prue's running analogy of Pulteney being a theatre. It was a great speech, I cant deny that.

As for me.....
Well, it couldn't have gone much worse, I think. I don't get nervous about public speaking - speaking in front of 1000 people kinda kicks that out of you - but I messed up really early on, and was a wreck for the rest of it. I came off shaking. Although, apparently I look cute when I'm nervous though - my voice certainly jumps about an octave higher, so apparently I got some sympathy votes. Haha yay for sympathy!!

Oh well.
I spoke to someone I've never spoken to before today, which was good - he's really nice, I'm just too shy to say hello O_o

Haha but its all okay.
Now just have to get the house leader interviews over and done with, finish this art assignment and pack for Japan, andIi'm all good :D

Good luck to me. lol, I'm so unorganised....


ps... look - its a smiley impersonating elton john: *-*


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  1. I'm so jealous of you! I really want to go to Japan! ^^