Sunday, 14 September 2008

My lifeline.

you know that feeling, when you're totally lost for words?

that is me, right now.

within this hour I've been told I'm a great friend twice.

that's like being told that i am everything that i dream of being as a person.... twice.

so, because I'm feeling so gushy and loved, i just wanted to take this time, even though I should be doing homework, to make a shout out to some people that mean a lot to me.....


thank you.

thank you for being my friends, for being wise and smart and silly and crazy, for being with me through the laughs and the tears. for trusting me enough to let me advise you, and you me. I love each you, even though I've only just met some of you.

i have written about friends before, and what they are....
well, these six people absolutely classify as best friends.


ps, i thought this was rather funny....
the dictionary says that 'imogen' isnt a real word. instead, the possible options are: primogenitor, primogeniture, homogenise, homogenate.

haha go imi, the primogenitor!!!

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