Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Hard to be happy

Its the hardest mood to keep going, happiness. there is so much in this life that is negative, annoying, or just plain depressing.
Ikid you not, its REALLY hard to stay happy. Happiness is tiring, draining.
In the end, it leaves one so worn out, its hard to express emotion.

So, on this matter, i have a rather important point to make:

Just because i am not bouncing off the walls does NOT mean that i am in a bad mood.
It does mean, however, that if you ask me what's wrong, I WILL get annoyed.

Someone I know keeps doing this. What they don't seem to understand is that if there was something I wanted to talk to them about, then I would.
Until such time, I don't have any want to talk to them about my life - its just ammo they can use later on.

Oh, that's another thing.....

What's the deal with fake friendship?

Because of it, I don't know who to trust.
Because I don't know who to trust, I don't know who to call a friend or not.
Its hard.
It puts me in a bad mood.
And then these same people ask me why I'm not feeling great.

If I said what I think, I'd not have ANY friends. and there goes all the fun of school.

Social complexities suck. big time.



  1. The actual term friend is a annoying lame concept ^^" however if you just remain friendly with the people you hang with while your at school and only claim them as your friends when you have to :3 then all is usually good lmao
    HI x3

  2. i disagree, although it is a very loose term - everyone has a different definition. for me, its 'someone who i trust and like' .... theyre my friends. my best friends are the people id to anything for, though. and theres only 6 of them i think. theyre proper friends.