Wednesday, 3 September 2008

fat. (emphasis on the full stop)

fat, fat, fat.

that is what we are.

in australia about 60% of adults are overweight, and in america its closer to 70%.

its disgusting.

its horrible and wrong and should be made illegal.
i say this not because i hate larger people - thats an incredibly stupid thing to say.
i say it because if the food wasnt so easily availale, we wouldnt eat it,
its easier to go through the drive in than to make a stir fry at home. (i can tell you from personal experience - the stir fry will taste better, and you wont feel like youve eaten a brick when ur stomach starts to break down the fats)
i am neither large nor thin. i have enough extra on me to make me feel bad about myself, but once it gets warmer ill be out running most days, so i'm all set.

its all well and good to say 'eat this - its good for you'. but how much impact does that actually make? the fast food companies dont sell you their food by saying 'eat this - if you eat enough of it it will kill you'
lol - id like to see someone try and sell it like that ...... like that new hungry jacks thing .. the quad stacker or something.... yuk yuk yuk.

haha you know, they did a mould test on maccas - after 6 months, it looked the same as the day it was bought. it is in the same category as 'plastic cheese' (the single slices that look, feel and taste like rubber) and white chocolate: it isnt normal!!!
**sorry to those out there who love white chocolate.... but lets face it - if it has 0% cocoa, it cant be called chocolate**

in any case......
here are my views on some things.... i dont know how they would work economically and criminally.... but this is them:

  • cigarettes should be banned and destroyed.
  • fast food industry should be shut down
  • produce markets should happen everywhere for every food
  • ronald mcdonald is scary ..... actually.... most clowns are....
  • university should be made free
  • there should be one big long road connecting every continent to australia
  • bmw should release their hydrogen car that theyve kept in the closet since the 1970's
  • days should be 30 hours long
  • people should get their butts into gear about global warming... IT EXISTS
plus more at a later date.........

many people think i talk crap... well, that was some of it.
Princess Olivia, of the Mushroom Isles....signing out.

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  1. That wasn't crap, I was entertained.

    If only all those things could actually happen. ;-;