Friday, 1 January 2010

'that would hurt, but im wearing jeans, so okay!'

First off, apologies for the message below this one. Without a doubt one of the most entertaining nights i've had in a while. purely because i was undoubtedly out of it. First time, too. Truly am greatful that i spent it with april. have also changed my mind, and JD's is disgusting. But thats because its whisky. i'll stick to flavoured methylated spi- i mean vodka. : )

Have also decided that she is a MUCH better driver of my car than i am.... mind you, the drive back to aprils from here was pretty good, i think i have the hang of it ....  MORE ACCELLERATION 

feeling rather out of it. in fact i'm sitting here just barely able to type, (though this is getting better, and psrt of it is the fault of the coputer - i'm not used to using a macbook). need water. lots of it. =soooooooooo dehydrated its ridiculous, and even then its not because of the not-so-copuous amounts of alcohol consumed last night.^ i just havent been drinking because i keep losing the water bottle im using at the time. i bet you anything that theyre under the seats of my car. i DO know theres a 2L one in the back tht i usuall wake with me everywhere...... bet it tastes feral now though. ew.

anyways....... new years resolutions.

aside from the crass ones suggested at josh's last night, which i will endeavour to fulfil at some point, i'm not sure if i have any
i do know im going to stop eating crap. like, make a conscious effort - its lowering my blood pressure and making me REALLY dizzy.

am also going to get my ears (for the second time) and belly button pierced. contemplating a tattoo but i dont think this will happen. no way, purely because i'm a bit odd about permanantly colouring my skin.
But these will happen after i get back from thailand because i'd rather not get some kind of nasty infection while im over there.

hmmmmmmm what else?

I'm going to not damage my car at all, and remain on time with repayments.

also going to make a really BIG effort with uni, because i need to be getting good marks if i want to transfer. but is like mum says: hey you might really love it at uniSA and not want to transfer,
unikely - the human physiology and anatomy courses as electives at flinders are way too interesting.... but then, SA might get me into radio, with all those communication courses or whatever. looks like fun.

i'd love to do radio. i figured cause i have this lisp it wouldnt work out though, urgh. but then i heard a guy on triple J and he had one so im like..... fuck. i wish id done work experience there rather than at a hairdresser. god. that ws the biggest waste of a week ive EVER had!

am rambling. will endeavour to write a better post when i get home. i officially hate this keyboard. i love the fact that this computer is like 3 inches smaller than mine, quieter, AND it's not hot and been onfor like 90 mins already on my legs. but hey, the layouts too whacked.

so. will write again lter. thoguh am not entirely sure when. have somewhat lost the motivation to blog. i think partly because i do it at stupid times of the day. like almost midnight. go fiure. blurgh.

Until next time,


^ have discovered that i am a major lightweight. disadvantage: cant hold my alcohol well. advantage: costs much less for me to get drunk. however, i have eaten two meals in the same number of days: breakfast. the rest was snacks. mind you, the chicke thing we had at aprils family's house was amazing :)
i love swimming at night.

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