Monday, 11 January 2010

Sleeping in safety

This corner is like a safety box, with enclosing walls on three sides, enough that sitting at the very top of my mattress feels as though one is in a very small enclave, and can survey the rest of the room without being a part of it.
I like it like this, as it makes me feel secure, safe, and, oddly enough, organised. This last fact is totally irrational as my room is, frankly, a shambles. Thats what comes with moving everything you own from one side of the room to the other. Once i find homes for them, i'm going to have significantly less objects invading this space. But that's another story....

In this space, I can sit, and the pillows soak up the emotion, and I can sleep peacefully, for the most part. In this single square metre, it is silent, free from other's opinions, and my own thoughts. They reside on the beanbag and the floor.

The dog still sleeps on my softball kit under my bed, and this is placed conveniently under my bead-head. So, every now and again I hear 'puff ... puff... puff' as he breathes in his little doggy sleep. He's the one space invader I don't mind whatsoever. He's just a part of life, as is heartbreak and laughter and fun and boredom, hard work and leisure, pleasure and pain. Just a part of life. But it all bleeds into one colour here in this space: pink. The deep hue of my wall and pillow, and a splash of blue from my sheets.

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