Thursday, 28 May 2009

no title. daily life and an rip

it was my birthday on saturday.
i got this gorgeous little locket from Him that i absolutley love and adore and never take off unless a shower is called for.
the chain is a little too long - it sits at my navel, but that's okay.
went to the UniSA info session on Psychology last night. i liked it, really interested me. almost, almost to swaying me from adelaide uni, but we'll see.
as it currently stands, i'm sick. whoopee. -_-
so, today, i sit here doing what it is that i do, trying to study but failing to do so.

my condolences to all those that knew Jack Klemich
i know it may sound insincere, since i never knew him or his family, but it has hit everyone in some way, that he was our age, a rising star and a good person, and this has happened.
R.I.P Jack

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