Monday, 26 December 2011

I brain you.

Is this actually a decision?
The heart is a muscle. It is a mass of cells that pump blood around the body.
The brain is also a mass of cells. But, by some miracle, the combination of neurons created consciousness. It creates feelings, emotions, seemingly unique to human beings.
So, when you're in two minds aobut listening to your head, or your heart, really, it's a battle that looks more like this advert from Mercedes Benz..

I find that if both sides don't agree, youre almost certainly wasting your time. Well, I am.

And although it's sweet to say 'I heart you', or the ever popular 'I <3 U', I see a particular beauty in this...

It's like saying 'I'm attached to you because I am better when you are around. You make everything better' It's logic meeting and befriending your feelings, and agreeing with them, because everything makes sense.

I just got lucky that I met someone that makes sense like this.
I am a cynic, a pessimist. I see the end of things before they begin. Then he walks in and I'm being forced to reconsider the possibilities. All of them. And it's terrifying, and exhilarating. It's a blast of cool wind on a hot day, gives me goosebumps and leaves me smiling and thinking that maybe, oh just maybe, I've found something that surpasses the ordinary, and sits in the realm of the extraordinary.

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