Monday, 12 December 2011

And so the compulsive end-of-school rituals begin.

Nothing like waking up next to someone and, instead of 'good morning' and a cuddle, there I am, on my phone, cursing it because it won't load my results fast enough. Clearly, I am destined to be a Uni geek.
Extremely happy with said results, I've passed my 5.0GPA quota so I've got nothing to worry about... just like everyone kept telling me - I swear, if I'd put nearly as much effort into year 12 as I have with courses this year, I'd have been sitting up near the 98TER score, rather than 92 (which isn't something to sneeze at, I know, but point stands).

Again, the weather's crappy: cloud and threatening to rain, and will be like this for as long as the Bureau forecasts it. I'm not liking this version of summer. If I'd known it would be like this, I'd have gone overseas to somewhere that is actually supposed to be experiencing winter right now.
A good friend of mine has been telling me about Scotland: the good, bad, and just plain odd. Much to his dismay, rather than put me off travelling, it's made me determined to visit (ideally when he goes home to see his family).

Alas, this is currently not the case. Instead, the idea of clearing out my room is once again rearing its head. Usuallly something I rather enjoy doing, it is quickly becoming a battle between want vs need, sentimental vs utter garbage. In other words if it has a use, I've probably still got it, clothes included. Still, what's the use of new clothes if there's nowhere to hang them but on the back of a desk chair? So, with some creative insight, foresight, and a will of steel, it shall be done, and IKEA shall be visited. I love IKEA. I rarely have a reason to visit, and it isn't like it's just around the corner so much as on the opposite side of town, and it's confusing and I always get lost... not to mention every visit there results in me wanting to buy and furnish a house within the next 48 hours.

This time, though, I have a reason to peruse the many, many items in the Study section! XD
Here's hoping their book cases and filing cabinets are easier to put together than their desks....

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