Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas. Again.

Normally a Grinch, I've discovered that christmas shopping tends to burn away my meanie greenie facade and replaces it with solid helpings of red and white. So, naturally, with 2 days to go, and a reason to celebrate this year, I'm bouncing around the house, spending exorbitant amounts of money on presents and getting into the general festive spirit.

I even taught myself to sew (kinda). Yes people, be shocked.
After a drunken wander through the East End of Adelaide, I saw a beautiful dress in Dangerfield that I just couldnt forget about. So, naturally, I went back (sober) and bought it.

Of course, I'm nowhere near that tall, so it sits at my knees, leaving me feeling a little like a 50's housewife. HOWEVER, well and truly getting into the spirit of things, I decided it needed fluff. White fluff. Tell you what - I've never owned a cat. I can now appreciate the concept of hair on every surface possible.
So, it now looks like this....

Admittedly, It's held together with safety pins, but I thought I did a good job :)
Add a super fluffy santa hat to it, and I'm aiming to blow the top off the cuteness thermometer. (yes, it's lame, but then, I'm a bit lame, and its christmas!!!!!)

The day itself won't hold much in the way of a house packed-out with guests - its always a small gig: 3 grandparents, 2 siblings, 2 parents, and 2 dogs. Still, it's enough to cause utter mayhem.
I dont think I've been this excited for christmas day since before I knew santa wasnt real (sorry kiddies for spoiling it. on the up-side, milk it for all its worth outta your parents!).
Probably cause I have a boy and family to share it with. I'm finding this especially important, now more than ever. And yes, I'm materialistic in my over-spending. It's my way of showing them I love them when my words fail me (rare, but possible).

When I grow up into a fully-fleged adult, and move out, I'll have christmas at my house. There'll be grandparents through to children, and it will be insanely crazy, but it'll be the only time I see some people, I'm sure. So, as I grow older and wiser, I am beginning to understand the real beauty of christmas: family - the laughs, lame jokes, and tears. The food, the hugs hello and hugs goodbye. They won't last forever, it's important to remember them when they happen, so that when those you shared them with are gone, they will never be forgotten.

That's my meaning of christmas.

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