Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Walks vs notes

It's been a truly beautiful day, and I've been meaning to go on a walk (truly, exercise is the ultimate procrastination technique - you're doing something good whilst also being bad. it's fabulous)
But the 'No, you MUST finish this' voice in my head is getting stronger as i get older, and as such has kept me inside, where my lov blood pressure has my feet so cold i may as well be in Europe in winter, in the snow, without shoes.
I'm THAT cold.

And so, now i've managed to finish noting genetics and neoplasia (which loosley translates to Cancer), and i only have Pathophysiology to go -- which shouldnt be too bad cause a lot of it is just definitions. but that which isn't, is f*****g complicated. too many slides-covered-in-text for me to record in my trusty Human Body 2 notebook.

128 pages and it's gonna be full once this topic is done. and theres a 24 page thing on the first two topics.... and almost all of it is handwritten. Goodness i feel proud over that. The only other subject that ever got me writing like that was Maths. and that was in year 11.
Uni's a bluge like that, because it isnt crucial that you write it down in your own words etc etc. cause you have the printed notes there in front of you. but at the same time....... i remember this stuff, i'm getting an HD in this stuff, because I write it all down, and thus remember it. =D

I really should go on that walk, but i cant be bothered. wtf's wrong with me.... i love walking. i love the walk i'm gonna go on, and the sun is out, and warm. No running, mind you -- will aggrivate the shin splints i've acquired from work. /sigh/

Now, the crucial question: to take the dog, or not.........


  1. Did you ever get to go on that work? After those notes I think you deserve one.:)

  2. i did indeed, and wow it was a good day to do it. took a good 20 mins for toes to warm up though, even despite it being hot.