Friday, 12 November 2010

i love finding new things to read, especially new blogs.
through blogs, i can see the inner-working of other people, the way they think, feel, do.
it's always reassuring to find people in the same situations as myself. it gives time to reflect on how i go about things.
new follower today. as i do everyone new, read her blog(s). and have decided this is once such individual worth a regular read of.

there are a few people i used to read regularly that have since dropped off the radar, or officially ended their blogging careers .... (is it embarrassing that i've gone to give you a link to a really good parenting blog i read, thinking they'd packed up like they said they did.... only to see they've been posting once a week since then?!)

... the fire station's alarm is going off. something's up. its 1.30 and raining. i dont think it's a drill.
/waits for it to go off again/
....... silence.

when its really quiet at night, i can hear the train boom gates dinging from 400m away. it makes me smile. not sure why, but that same track is at the back of my house.
trains - freight trains- are a source of comfort to me, having grown up with them. and while my friends would wake up if a particularly monstrous one flew past, i snoozed straight through it. still do.
just like i snooze through the rain.
motorbikes, however, are not so much fun, and on many occasions have contemplated taking aim at the tyres with a BB gun or something.

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  1. I remember when I used to visit my childhood friend, back in grade school, she lived right under a train station.
    We would be playing and a train would clank bye and I would immediately look up, it was the most annoying sound ever. She remained still, it did not even phase her.
    She was the first house I ever had a sleepover at and the train kept me up all night, but it was one of my best childhood memories.
    Independence, just a little.

    This reminds me of that.

    Peace and Love,

    ( and thanks for following :) )