Friday, 12 November 2010


with the rain comes a sense of blergh.

... theres a perfectly normal english sentence for you.

No, what i mean is this:
the rain, combined with a crappy end to yesterday evening, combined to a plethora of conflicting feelings, AND being home alone until 5 or 6, makes for an immensley unhappy Olivia.
The only things i have to look forward to is noting my Psych lectures (actually looking nicely on this task for once) and an episode of stargate while cleaning out my folders etc.
University: the bane of my bedroom's cleanliness.

I know the rain is good for the plants and such, but it's just GLOOMY out there. *cue pokemon*
And miserable and depressing and a whole spade of tautological words such as those.

I want to call someone but can't due to the simple reason of them not having their phone on them whilst at work, and who will no doubt ignore my message(s) while they're on lunch break.

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