Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tangent to tangent

I've jumped from 19 to 23 followers in 3 days. Considering the same jump took 6 months last time, I feel this is rather an achievement considering I've barely posted in comparison to how much i used to write.

I've decided i'm going to redraft some of my older works, as in, from year 10 and 11 at school. My memory of them is that theyre brilliant. I found them the other day, read them, and went..... yeah these need work. They're a 20 standard..... at year 10 level. Not almost-second-year-uni level. So. that is on the list of things to do over the 4 months of holidays looming after the 24th. Yippee :D

Also on the list is making hair scrunchies and going op-shopping with my sister. While the former is a new addition to The List, the shopping is about 7 months overdue. Our life schedules are so mismatched, it's hard to make time to actually hang out, what with school ande me working all weekend when she has time. Urgh.

After hearing the antics of someone my boyfriend knows, it made me believe that people, mainly men, should have their reproductive rights removed if they procreate and piss off without seeing it through. Mainly men, i'm talking about here, but hey, lets not be too exclusive of women... though it does seem to be somewhat more difficult for a woman to leave a pregnant man than it is for a man to leave a pregnant woman. /raises eyebrow/

It disgusts me. And the particular situation, which I won't outline here, though I would like to because it makes him look like the no-good dirty rotten dog fuck that he is. Sorry, had to put a bad word in there somewhere. Wasn't gonna use the C word (that, like him, is dirty and should never be applied to anything in life).
Now, I'm not referring to putting kiddlings up for adoption. In certain circumstances, that is the best opportunity a child can have at that time in their brand-new lives. But I mean nicking off before theyre born.

My boy's mum got that treatment. That makes me everso sad, knowing. Then meeting his old man and he was actually a decent guy when we were there. But I reckon thats cause karma didnt just bite him on the arse, IT CHEWED IT OFF and spat it back in his face.

But then, if you smoke, thats the equivalent of dousing yourself in petrol and daring someone to strike a match on your arm. It's just a dumbarse thing to do.
Which  brings me to a rather entertaining tangent. The Darwin Awards are awarded to people every year for their contribution in bettering the human gene pool...... by removing themselves from it.
One woman, who worked at a childcare centre, got headlice from one of the little tackers. To kill them (the lice, not the kids), she doused her head in gasoline, put it in a towel, and let it marinate for 30 mins thereabouts. Anyone seeing anything wrong with this picture before I conclude this little morality story? Mmmmm yes, petrol. On my head. CAUSE THATS A GREAT IDEA....... Anyway... Before she washed it off, she went out for a smoke, still complaining about the kids giving her lice.
I'll let you sit on that little image for a moment...... gas vapours........ zippo lighter.....
Barbequed Idiot, anyone?

The world is full of idiots, fucking things up.
But without them, we wouldn't have anyone to laugh at, or get angry at, and the world would somehow collapse without their idiocy to hold it up like the gum and rubber bands on the plumbing joins.
I sit here sometimes and wonder how things could be made better.
I was brought up to believe that no matter what i chose to do, i would be great at is. Parental cliche? Maybe. But it meant i grew up with a purpose. All through my life i've been a helper in some way, some how. Now, the rest of my life is dedicated to helping people. In exactly what way, i'm not sure. I might end up in child services. I might end up following my boyfriend to Mt Gambier (which for those how don't know, is 5 hours south of SA's capital, 4.5 houts southeast of my home, and very, very different to the city) and doing work with mental illness and the farmers. I might open my own practice.
Whatever it is, i want to make a significant difference. I want to make the generation that my kids will grow up in, better than the one i am from, the one where people are freaking out about money, and refugees and infrastructure, and gang warfare. Where people are uneducated, and ignorant, and prejuduces pervade our society to a level so deep, most people don't even know it exists!!!!!!
(see my post about Whiteness. That class opened my eyes so wide i'll never shut them again)

I'll write again soon. Tomorrow probably, in a lame attempt at procrastination. But right nowI have a headache, partly from my migrane, partly from all the things I need to write about. My friend started a blog for the same reasons i did, and while mine is 2 years older (nearly 3 =] ) The reasons I write today haven't really changed. Life just got in the way.
No longer, my literary friends, no longer.

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