Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Final days of 2010 uni

So, I'm procrastinating. It's my last exam of the year, it's 3pm (I've been studying on and off since 10 this morning), and I'm putting off reading about the endocrine system because my notes are so bad on the topic that it makes my head hurt just trying to decipher them.
Am getting somewhat worried about said exam, because all the practice ones i'm getting an average of 6/10 for. That's not good. I'm on track for an HD, and getting 60 in the exam will ruin everything. Sadface.

On the upside I did happen to get an HD for psych. That made me smile - I put so much effort into that essay in the last week before it's due date............. started and finished and everything =P
I kid, I kid. But seriously, I really do love uni. I love the evenings spent at the library writing up assignments, because the place just oozes academia and motivation, and even procrastinating in there is productive!

Here in my room, however, does not. hence resisting the urge to put on a stargate and do the ironing (which, to be fair, DOES have to be done before tomorrow morning...... along with the vacuuming and general duties that befit 3 siblings with an obligation to have the house clean before the parentals return from Bali at 9am tomorrow)
Here's hoping it was a good trip and i'm not going to get yelled at or.... something.......
I don't know.

I'm kinda hanging out to clean my room, which i can do after i get home from my exam tomorrow -- it means not having stuff EVERYWHERE. ive managed to spill a cup of cold tea onto my woolen carpet.... again. /note to self - stop keeping caffeine in here/
as well as clear out and sort all the papers etc in here. It's a nice braindump exercise to do to really get into holiday mode.

Can't wait for next year's uni though -- ill be properly organised and such, what with knowing how things work and when and where and why etc etc. That's been my biggest downfall - not having what i need where and when i need it, and so the whole thing goes down the toilet.
Mind you, my timetable is so all over the place next year that there's plenty of room for noting and such to keep on top of.

and it's what... 32 outside?
but no pool. this fact alone is rather sobering. that's okay -- the beach works well too.
i miss surfing. a friend and i are going in the next week i think, which should be nice :)

anywho, back to it, i suppose.
later gator

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