Thursday, 27 May 2010

Typical Gemini

Why are horoscopes so appealing? Are they the same as the zodiac? Lets face it, if you worded every single horoscope in the paper differently, they could all be tailored to anyone, from any sign.
What about the zodiac? Is it a load of bull? It is a social construct, and works in the same way as parents talking about children: get told this is how you are, for long enough, or from sources you hold in high regard, and you will change your perceptions of yourself to match this.
Having said that - can there really only be 12 types of people?
I admit, I fit very closely into the Gemini scene from which I come from, and my ex boyfriend is very much a Virgo in the way he thinks, as is my sister a Leo.
We fit like gloves.
I was surprised to see an emphasised point from a Zodiac book my mother has just bought, saying "in every Gemini there is a Dr Jekyll and a Mr Hyde."
I did a double take because this is how I describe myself to people: two-faced in the sense that I am two people (who each have a face). I just switch between, or exist as both. This was how I tried to explain myself to my ex, when voicing why I do what I do. Truth be told, I do what I do, because I do it. In my head there is rarely a conscious reasoning pattern, and I have to dig deep to find it. There is always method to my madness. It's just hard to see, even for me sometimes.
Every time I settle down emotionally, I HAVE to do something to stir things up, and wreck it all. Just like a typical Gemini.
Oh, I feel just as strongly about people and things, as others. I just prefer to keep my thought process to myself. Not good for the queen of communication.

After all the learning I've done into social constructs: who speaks for whom and from where do they speak (Michel Foucault), I believed that the Zodiac was just another method for catergorising, stereotyping, people. After reading that book for a few minutes....... I'm not so sure.
Maybe next time I have to explain why I am to someone, I'll just show them Chapter 3: Gemini.

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