Tuesday, 1 June 2010

coffee is truly and amazing thing. after having drunk one about....... almost an hour and a half ago, it's finally hit, and now my fingertips are buzzing and i cant sit still. this is NOT a good state to be in whilst attempting to do things in relation to study and assignments.
however, combine this with excitement of driving to murray bridge to see some friends, and you have yourself a very hyperactive olivia, sitting at the computer, giggling to herself about her own thoughts.
not the most reassuring sight for onlookers, i can tell you.
i'm getting kinda annoyed that i cant type faster because my brain is moving at a million miles an hour and i'm just like RKJGHAIUGHGBLWB about everything :)

the weather is miserable, and i'm still sitting on the edge of a precipice, staring down the urge to jump.
but then this happy little thought comes into my head, that it'll all be okay.
and this is largely due to the caffeine, but that's alright. because i'm happy in this state. and laughing.
and that makes everything better :)

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