Friday, 7 May 2010

Watch out,orthe boogey man will get you...........

It was early evening, and getting darker, but still just light enough to see without a torch. I parked the car; was in a harrassed mood- we were late. For what, I'll not know. I dropped my bag on the grass by the path into the house, I could see in through the security screen on the sliding door. My friend Dan was encouraging me to leave it and just go inside, but I refused. Getting quite upset, I told them, and my uni lecturer, who was inside, that I needed to put it all away, and that it would all fit into one bag, I promised.
The one bag turned into two milk crates, and two or three bags of differing sizes. I picked the biggest one and started shoving my things into it. I heard several motorbikes pull up behind me, and I spun around to see what it was. Six guys got off, undoing helmets, standing tall, staring greedily at me, and then inside as the girls got off the back. My heart rate shot through the roof: something about their eyes terrified me. they went inside, except for a couple of the girls, and one guy. I heard a shriek form inside, and everyone ran out windows, doors, any way of escaping. All were girls. The one remaining man looked at me, and began to advance. I was wearing heels, and knew I wasn't feeling particularly strong - I knew what was coming. He smiled at me, making the hair on the nape of my neck stand on end, and I began to back up, stopping only when my back hit the pool fence.
"How about it baby? hmmm?"
My stomach turned over, spitting out my reply, "no way, dont even think about it. I would never .... with you. and besides, I have a boyfriend."
I pulled Dan over beside me, gripping his hand. I made a mental note that Matt was meant to be there, not Dan, because Dan wasn't my boy, but then ignored the option to change characters to make it more real - I knew what was going to happen and I didn't want to put him through having to see that. He just laughed, asking me how I thought that made a difference.
Everything was in bright colour, lour sounds, like all my senses were heightened. I looked at the woman standing behind him and screwed up my face, forcing out a choked, "No. Not if I can help it," and tried to kick her in the sternum with my heel, and run. She caught it, twisting my leg, tripping me up. I screamed, crying, as he trapped me under his weight, pushing down on me. I struggled, but there was nothing I could do, and Dan just watched helplessly as the man put his hand up my skirt and pulled down my underwear..........and everything went black, all I could feel was pure terror.

I came into consciousness watching some other man have his way with one of the girls from inside, in the spa. I don't know how conscious she was. I sat up with a start, realising that he was gone. Everyone else was inside, I could still hear crying, shrieking. The man from before looked out the glass, saw I'd woken, and began to move towards the door. I whimpered, pulling off my shoe, trying to get up, get away. Managed to pull myself up after struggling with crawling on the pavement, right as he opened the door and sprinted towards me. The last thing I remember was thinking 'no, not again, please.', and I made myself wake up, gasping for air, on the verge of tears, which spilled over later,when I'd realised exactly what the dream was about.
Needless to say, I was glad that Matt was alive and breathing next to me, and clung to his arm while my heart rate slowed to below critical.
Anyone want to explain what that was about, feel free, cause it sure as hell freaked me out, and I'd like to know why my brain is showing me such scary things.


  1. it could just be a reflection of ur fear from when we watched teh book of eli. the scenes in that movie that got to u then seemed similar to the ones in ur dream. even the fact that they were on bikes.

  2. mmm yeah thats true...... and he trapped me like you did when we were play fighting, which always scares me a bit, but i ignore it cause i know im safe with you. still...... yucky