Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Riding the Crimson Wave.

Gentlemen, I must apologise first for the content of this bit here - not all of you are so adapted as those with sisters who tell everything in gross detail.
Ladies, tell me if I am the only one that thinks this.

Gift of life. Bringer of miracles.
By definition, it makes women wondrous creatures, capable of creating life (not, of course, without a little help from a special guy out there).
But then - what of those of us who don't want the patter of little feet, or the 9 months of nausea, heart burn and a swelling tummy beforehand?
Students, Teenagers, Workaholics Career-driven women, without necessary funds, the list goes on. And yet, despite this, we still get the monthly spring-clean ready for the next opportunity. It's like nature is encouraging us to reproduce constantly! Jeepers - think of the population if that happened =\
I, for one, loathe this clean out with all my being. It's inconvenient, messy, annoying, and just GROSS. Traditionally, if someone is bleeding, then something is drastically wrong. I maintain this line of thought. No, I am not a feminist. I do not believe that women are equal or greater than men. Let's face it - they're bigger and stronger, and we're better in just as many ways (just not the same ways).
But back to the point: I don't believe that it should be revered and respected as holy or whatever. I. Hate. It.
Depending on who you believe, the average age for menarche has dropped by 2 - 2.5 years. Why? Are we growing up too fast? Western society to blame? The people in the know think so. Check out Wikipedia if you don't agree or understand. Wiki knows all.
When I was younger, and not so used to torrential-based freak-outs from the bathroom, it used to upset me to tears, wondering what I'd done to deserve to feel like that, physically and emotionally.

Put me in for temporary embarrassment and needing to hide my crotch behind a notebook any time - cause the alternative sucks if you don't want kids.

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