Saturday, 15 May 2010


There are few things that I genuinely try to avoid:

Being caught without clothes in public,
Failing any assignments,
Nasty, vindictive people


It is to the point where I don't want to pick up the phone at work, because it seems that every time I do, it's one of them, and they are SO rude, it just goes against principle - I mean..... for one thing, isn't it supposed to be the person the telemarketer calls that is rude? I mean - i got put on HOLD. by a TELEMARKETER!!

Me: Hello, Balhannah Bakery, this is Olivia.

Voice on phone: All our representatives are currently busy, please hold. [and repeat]
*man finally comes on*: Hello, is this Balhannah Bakery?

Me: *unwardly sighs* Yes. Can I help you?

Voice: Is the business owner there?

Me: No, sorry, she's finished for the day (I'm not even sure who the owner is, but they certainly aren't at MY branch). Can I take a message?

*guy hangs up*

COME ON, PEOPLE. WHAT THE ........ *&%$^

Now, I've got a natural disposition to be polite to people when i'm on the phone to them. The only exception to this is Nick, who has a rather amazing talent of always calling at the most inconvenient of times, so it's to the point of
"Hi, bad time [eating dinner/ have company/ in shower/ about to go out]. Call later, or tomorrow?"
"K" *hangs up*
I am rarely rude to telemarketers, I understand that they get a LOT of weird, rude and just plain nasty responses. It's their job. I guess the beauty is that I am neither a home owner, payer for internet, or phones, and I am not yet 18. (8 days people, 8 days!)

And yet, there are other kind of marketers, peddling a very special kind of product: faith. These, I am susceptible to.
Now, I appreciate the humour of people trying  to avoid when Jehovah's Witnesses come a-knocking, because I myself have had my own special person who remembered my name, where I lived, she knew my surname without me ever giving it. I made the mistake of actually chatting to her once, at a point in my life when I was sick, and opened the door by mistake, thinking it was mum, still looking for her keys. Alas, no. She also caught me at a time when I was seriously thinking about faith and its role in my life. Was almost thinking about getting baptised. Goodness I am glad I didn't.  That would make me a heretic, right now.
 But. She was interesting, and we spoke, then left. However, she began to turn up on weekends, when I was most likely to be home. Clever avoidance tactics from myself have resulted in a cessation of visits.
Olivia 1 : God 0


Here's hoping that some clever avoidance tactics present themselves for the telephonic nuisance.

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