Saturday, 8 May 2010

my day.

i've got a tummy bug, and it's warped my perception of things. i deem it to be a tummy bug purely because i know that after barely eating all day, and doing a hectic 5 hour shift at work, i should be starving, and i can feel it, but i'm so not in the mood to eat it isn't even funny.

logged onto my stat counter (because i like to know how many people are visiting my sites and where theyre from- predominantly Adelaide, but I've had some really bizarre ones, like Zaire, Luxembourg, Singapore and Russia) and ther was a rather large number there. Perplexed, I went and took a look at the details. Regardless, it made me laugh, as I've not seen a number bigger than 10 in a number of months.

there you go, two useless paragraphs.

here's a third:

I'm cleaning my room - i can actually see the floor and walls :D

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