Tuesday, 28 October 2008

B.G.H .... me! ! !

I'm so not in the mood to write long things at the moment.... I'm too caught up in trying to live right now. Life's so hectic that it took me getting sick to realise that I have to slow down and actually treat my body right. oops. And then today, I realised that as stuck up as this may sound, its true... I have pretty much everything I ever asked for.... and even though there are people that I dislike intensely, and chores to do, and Japanese classes to attend (ugh) it all boils down to 'wake up and smell the roses'. Summer's coming. I can see it in the leaves, feel it in the warmth of the sun, by the way we can lay on the steps at lunch time and laugh.
I think the way the sun warms up the day is having an even bigger influence on my mood than I thought it did before. Then again.... finally completing that English assignment and getting a discreetly awesome Chem result might have helped.... ^^
In any case, lifes good, and I'm soooooooo greatful for what I have.

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