Thursday, 16 October 2008


There are some comments which have to many responses, i get confused and mutter an inconsequental reply.
For example: today....

"You're a living cartoon"

"you shouldnt be playing around with younger men"

ya... what?

its to the point now where i've had enough of the gossip... and it hasn't really even started yet! i guess it rubs me up the wrong way so much because i have no control over it, and wasn't ready for my relationship to be public yet. Indeed... there is never a time to publicly announce that you're one half of a taboo union.
Well... i guess, there are three possible ways to go about this:
1. ignore it completley
2. answer truthfully and leave it be
3. freak out about it.

haha 3 will happen, i think. and im tossing up between the first 2.
but my god the teachers are gossips!
only time will tell, i guess....


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