Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spring has sprung, but not very well.

There's a pile of clothes in the basket that's reaching my thigh, a desk that i cannot see for all the papers, homework to be done, and if i'm in the right mood, exercise to be had. So, like any normal person, I'm going to do the sensible thing: ignore it all, and write.

It's september 1 (who'd've thunk?!) and therefore, first day of spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.
Last year, this day came forth like a bull from the gate (?) and it was hot. Not just warm and sunny - it was hot. And sunny. And I was at school.
Clearly, things have changed.
Today looks like the countryside's just flipped the bird to everyone, rolled over, and gone back to sleep. It's not ready for the frolicking nature of spring.
Had a nice taste of it on the weekend though - so much so that I ended up bounding up to B's after work and demanding we go the the park or... something, at least, because big night or not, it was a beautiful day. With unseasonally good weather come's my hyperactivity, so....... I'm best compared to an overexcited puppy you've just informed it's going on a walk. That's me in the sunshine.
I photosynthesise and everything goes into overdrive. Especially talking. =]

Nice weather is a magnet for bad drivers, and cyclists.

I have no issue with cyclists - I understand their need to pedal up stupidly difficult roads, and travel crazy distances, only to turn around and do the same thing back home, or to the car. Well, no, I don't understand it, but I do respect them for it. Driving Greenhill and Old Norton Summit roads is enough, let alone taking a bike up them. That's commitment to a sport, I tell you!

Bad drivers, on the other hand, I have a HUGE issue with. Specifically slow drivers. I blame the old people. Doing 40 in an 80 zone, where there is no overtaking place for ages, and you're not the first one behing said Mr Slow and his wife, so you cant overtake at that point anyway cause you don't have enough accelleration to shoot off before someone comes around the corner and kills you...... *sigh*
Mind you, the weather was so nice I didn't mind as much as if it'd been like it is today: cloudy and miserable. And I'm almost considering turning my bedroom light on just so theres some kind of yellow.... oh wait, I have a white fluro. Dammit. Now when I turn it on it'll look like a supermarket in here.
Aaaaaaand CUE FOOD !!!

...... No. Alas not.

I really cannot wait for summer. Or, rather, warm/hot weather. Everything's more bearable when it's warm and sunny. Even with the mozzies and flies. -_____-

On a final note..... the Independant from Qld sounds like a fruitcake. Maybe that's just the media editing, but good grief!!! I'm concerned.
Not as concerned, however, as I am at the prospect of Sarah Palin running USA. Now THAT is a scary thought.

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