Saturday, 11 September 2010

he's the smile i look for first when i try to be funny,
even if it's just a smile of  'you are such a loser..... but it's cute that you try'

he's the one i can be a nerd with, and talk about computers, games, or sci-fi, and i'm cool.
he's the one i look pretty for when i get dressed up, even though i know he thinks i'm beautiful in just my socks and underwear.
he's the arms that hold me when i wake, crying, from a nightmare.
and he's the one i most look forward to seeing when i wake up,
and my favourite chest to fall asleep on.
he's the one i fight with over how to do the dishes
and whether or not i need a wake up call from mum for work on the weekend.
he's the hand that i hold in front of his mates
and the voice that says 'i love you' on the phone
his is the body warmth i prefer over a blanket,
and even when i'm all alone, and feel like everything is falling apart,
all i have to do is look at my phone,
and his is the face that looks back; his is the message that says 'i'm here for you. i love you, i'm just a call away'
but really, it isn't even that. just a whisper, or a thought, or a smell, or a word, and he's there.
my rock through it all.
he is mine.
and i am his.
and that makes me smile.

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