Friday, 17 September 2010


It’s like a bubbling heat
And it won’t go away.
It rises higher and higher,
Until I can’t bear it anymore,
And I get up and move away,
Trying desperately to shake it off.
But it won’t.
And like those before me,
Try though I might,
Determined to not unleash hell,
I do.
And he stands in the firing range,
An easy target,
A forgiving one,
One that says
‘that’s alright,
I love you anyway,
Even when you’re mad;
Even when you’re mad at me.’
And in a split second of clarity I go
So this is what it’s like
To have someone really love you.
When you're at your ugliest,
they still go
'i think youre so pretty'.
Maybe it’s time I stopped taking advantage
And gave back as good as I get it.
Cause that’s what you deserve.
Even when you drive me crazy
Up the wall, tear-my-hair-out frustration
At the things you say or do,
It’s still there in your eyes.
I see it.
It scares me.
And it makes me stick around for more.
Cause in fits and starts,
Even when I’m mad.
You’re it; you’re you; and you’re mine.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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