Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Growing up

So, its official: people I went to primary school with are having kids. I even sat there on the page for several minutes just in case they'd been hacked and it was a prank.
I hear people in their early twenties saying that, and how weird it is. Now I understand. Just wait til my friends start making babies. Talk about bizarre.
What happened to playing in the backyard, mucking around with friends, nights watching movies, or going out?
When did starting a family come into the equation?

Not on my list of things to do in the near future, put it that way.
Thats like.......
/mind implodes/

I think I'd make a great mum-to-be.............. just not right now.
Everyone's like 'yeah, ill have a kid or two'. I sat there and thought about logistics, just for the hell of it. School, food, diapers, furniture, clothes..... they're money munchers. Something tells me that $145 a week after debts taken out wont fulfill that......

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  1. Wow, I haven't read this in a while. You're still posting! And your blogs remain interesting - if any of mine had had that quality, I might well still be posting random notes into the ether. As it is, my blogs are all collecting dust somewhere, waiting to be an embarrassment if I ever get a job.

    I have a lot of catching up to do on my reading.

    Anyway, we haven't spoken in ages, so I thought I might reboot relations with a bit of a semi-stalkerish background check. How's things hon? You're sounding as enthusiastically inquisitive as always. I hope you're as happy as you sound.

    I'll see you around the place, hopefully, and hope to catch up some time,
    Justin/Jim/person :D