Sunday, 30 October 2011

Three Little Words: "I Miss You."

I dont know about you, but often when I see these typographs, it makes me want to slap them upside the head for being naive. Still, every so often, I read them and it makes me think.

I've got a friend, a best friend, who, part way through year 12, dropped out and joined the army. He was around my place a lot, to the point where mum would set a place at the table for him, even if she wasnt expecting him to turn up. He usually did. We used to joke, if there was ever someone my mum would pick for me to marry, it would be him. It wasnt until a lot later til I realised that that was probably his way of spending as much time with me/us before he left.
He left for training at Kapuka that July, and hasnt lived in the state since. That was two and a half years ago. Used to be a phone call every two days, and that streched out to about every 6 weeks eventually. He comes home every so often, but I often miss them, because I'm working, busy or just dont want to leave the house (terrible, I know).This time I was determined to make it happen. So off I went today and managed about 20-30 minutes between work ending and him leaving for the airport (again).
Driving home was a lot harder than it should have been. It's not like it's something bad, or scary, or anything else other than the natural order of things. Then I realised: I've been so used to his absence, that seeing him makes me remember: this is my best friend. We dont always have a lot to talk about, and we are poles apart in most ways, but if ever there was someone who I knew had my back, it'd be him. That, and I like to tell prospective boyfriends that he's a trained killer - usually makes them behave.
Still. That feeling I had when he left the first time is back and I cant shake it. He's not a warm-and-fuzzy-feelings kinda guy, so there isnt much point in voicing how much he means and how much I miss him when he's away, but hey, one can only hope the enormous bottle of JD's I have planned for his annual leave speaks a little of this.

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