Friday, 11 February 2011

The way the world's heading

It's been a while....
I've been lazy.
And absent -- Let's face it, spending most of your life away from the computer (with the exception of the occasional late nights at home, of course), marks less posts. However, it also should be cause for more inspiration.
True...... and false......

Really, i just catch myself having a whinge to the cleaner at work about the things i normally write about - the way fashion and music are changing, to the point where we'll soon be walking aroung wearing nothing but nipple tassels and 10-inch-high stripper heels, listening to the equivalent of an autotuned cymbal-clapping monkey.

Oh wait........ Rihanna and Ke$ha are the top 40 charts.........

It appears I am a little late in voicing my concern if they're the role models for teenage girls.
Goodness me I feel old, complaining about how it was when I grew up.
Maybe this is because I never really felt the need to be a fashion follower. By which i mean have any sense of it at all until the age of 16 (and even then.... =\...)
You may rest your worried souls in the knowledge that I'm actually getting good at it now.

Anyways. My point is -- skimpy clothes. softcore porn to a beat as music., and they wonder why girls are growing up faster, looking older younger, whoring themselves out before theyre 15 (not that it's okay after then, but you get my point).

I quote, from Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon (Note: Spelling!)
Blindfold, feather bed,
tickle me, slippery,
G spot,nasty pose,
in a video,
love machine, by myself,
climax,hot wax
S&M on the floor, i like it hardcore



Not that I have a particular genre of music, but I'll pass on that one, thanks.
And on the tiny tiny shorts on girls who, lets face it, shouldn't be trying to copy their size 6 counterparts. Some styles are designed purely for the stick-thin, rather than the curvy ladies.

This really is going to be a night of griping so i'll keep each topic to its own post.

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