Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentines Day

It, as the title suggests, was valentines day this Monday past. I feel a post is in order, purely because I got to actually DO something on it. I can appreciate why people are so against its commercialised image, and why the single, rejected, and lonely people despise it, if only because it is a reminder of things they do not have.
Myself..... I think it's a fabulous excuse to go do something sappy and romantic with someone.
Alternatively, go to the beach en masse with friends to celebrate that kind of love rather than a relationship.

As for my own night......

I am a walker. I like hiking, and nature, and all the things that come with it. I like the rush of exhilaration when you reach the top, look out over it all, and know with absolute certainty that the 4 hours it took to get there was worth every bit.
And so I am told to meet my B at a shopping centre. He buys us dinner - to takeaway, of course- and then leads me to the bottom of a conservation park. He points to the top of the cliff face, "See that? That's where we're going." I smile, I'm excited, even despite the failing light, even despite maybe missing the sunset. But off we go, up the wide gravel path, detouring at a Danger sign, to head up the very top. In under 20 mins. It's beautiful.
The sky changes colour every time we look away, then back at it, as pasta is carefully eaten, spillage-free.
Wasn't too hot, or too cold, and the wind was just right.....
And when the sun finally set, the city lit up, as though it was trying to copy the stars. We pointed out different roads, which ones went where, and tried to see home from our perch.
Eventually, we figured we should go back, considering it was nearing 10, and the walk back wasnt going to be easy in the dark.
Got home, watched an episode of stargate, fell asleep in his arms, as was always going to be the case.
Seriously one of the best nights i've had with him in a long time.

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